How do I sign up?

Signing up for the newsletter is easy. Just type your email address and indicate the subdomain you are interested in. When clicking the "register" button your registration is  sent and your address will automatically be included in our list. You'll be kept up to date with the latest developments.

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My mother suffered a brain haemorrhage, does TelePHON.digital apply to her?

Yes, definitely! TelePHON.digital primarily aims at people with communication (voice, speech, language, hearing) and swallowing/feeding problems. If your mother has word-finding problems, she can practice and expand her vocabulary through the platform. If she suffers from a hoarse voice due to vocal cord paralysis, she can train her vocal power. If appropriate, a registered therapist (speech therapist, physiotherapist,...) can assign exercises to her which she then can perform independently. The therapist can check your mother's performances & progress, or (s)he can organize a video call, remotely.

Is everything available for anyone?

No, not really: potentially dangerous  exercises (e.g. swallowing), or very complicated exercises with a specific indication (e.g. voice plasticity) can only be done in a patient-therapist relationship, i.e. if they are assigned to you by a registered therapist.

How do I become a TAB member?

The TelePHON Advisory Board is a selection of experts who monitor the content quality. You can apply by sending your CV or credentials and your choice of subdomain (i.c. for speech therapy: voice, speech, language, hearing, swallow/nutrition) here. Within 15 days you will receive notice.

How do I compile a task?

For the time being , we advise any "care"giver to send the preferred material to info@telephon.digital. We recommend Word format for text and Tiff or PNG for images. It is very likely that the layout changes slightly due to the uploading process.

Can I add my subscription/license fees to my professional expenses?

Upon indicating that you request an invoice, we will send it within 30 days, by email. Please provide the correct administrative information as well as a VAT number, if appropriate. The invoice can be added to your professional expenses.

Which webbrowser(s) do I preferably use?

We strongly advise to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer can induce errors.